It is often frustrating to encounter any form of car trouble, particularly if you are in a hurry or are far from an auto shop. These types of incidents can be avoided if you are able to regularly have your car checked. Regular car maintenance and repair can help prevent the possibility of you being stuck in these situations. Maintenance of your car can range from basic car maintenance to an overhaul or car check-up.


How do you select a vehicle repair shop, when there are so many out there to choose from?

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The most important thing to consider when selecting a repair shop is the quality of the repair work done and the quality of the service you receive. Consider price and discounts that are offered from other shops, but remember that you often “get what you pay for.” A the lower price might mean that you do not receive the right or safe job that is required for your vehicle repairs.

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If the repair is being paid for by your insurance company, you should only be responsible for your deductible. It will cost you no more to choose the highest quality auto repair. Insurance companies only write up a visual estimate, and it is up to the repair facility to write a thorough estimate since they will be offering a warranty for the repairs completed on your vehicle.

Remember, you have the right to decide what body repair shop will work on your vehicle. You make this important decision, not your insurance company.

A good way to find out about a quality shop is ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers where they take their car for repairs. Ask them about their experience. Find out if they had a complaint about the repair, and was it resolved to their satisfaction.

Then, carefully think about your choice, and select the repair shop that is right for you. We’re confident that Collision Stop can complete your vehicle repairs to your total satisfaction.


In Texas, auto AC is as important as air conditioning in your home. A functioning auto AC provides daily comfort from the heat outside. If your auto AC emits undesirable cooling then it is time to bring your car to an auto service and have it checked. AC repair can range from a simple cleaning of a dirty condenser to a mechanical procedure. It is important that you take care of any minor concerns as soon as you recognize them to avoid any serious problems and an expensive car repair procedure in the future.

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Every time you bring your car into Collision Stop, we’ll give you a free courtesy check. That involves looking at your car’s major operating systems, including your tires, lights, fluid levels, wipers, belts, battery, hoses and more. Our auto care advisors are easy to talk to, and they’ll explain any suggested repairs or maintenance. Then, they’ll perform only the services that you approve. We’re looking out for your car and your budget, so there’s never any unnecessary cost involved.